a blessing in disguise

Arti idiom a blessing in disguise:
- berkat/berkah/rahmat yang tersembunyi atau tak terduga
- sesuatu hal yang baik yang pada awalnya terlihat sebagai hal/kejadian yang buruk

Contoh penggunaan idiom a blessing in disguise dalam kalimat:

- Constraints are in many ways a blessing in disguise.

- Tony’s motorcycle accident was a blessing in disguise, because he got enough insurance money from the other driver to make a down payment on a house.

- Dad’s illness was a blessing in disguise; it brought the family together for the first time in years.

- Our missing the train was a blessing in disguise. It was involved in a crash.

- It could be a blessing in disguise, or it could be a liability.

- It was a blessing in disguise that I didn’t get the job. I was offered a better one the next day.

- That I missed my flight turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because it crashed and everyone on board was killed.

- It was a blessing in disguise that I did not apply to join the Air Force because, if they had accepted me, I would never have studied aeronautical engineering.

- After college I worked in high tech. I was a supervisor, and then I was abruptly laid off in 2001. It was really a shock, and in some ways it was a blessing in disguise. I can say that now, but back then I was devastated.

- Even the recent market crash had been a blessing in disguise, the clients who went under replaced by newly de-levered and deeply chastened survivors desperate for genuine ideas and analysis to supplant their soured credit strategies.

- Anyway, but he soon came to realize that it actually was a blessing in disguise because he did a lot of interesting things there.

- Now that I've aged, and become a little wiser, I figure something crazy could have happened and I wouldn't be as healthy as I am now. Retiring could have been a blessing in disguise.

- Man plans, God laughs. And of course, it’s a blessing in disguise. Absolutely. But when life does take an unexpected turn, it is really hard to see the blessing.

- Sometimes being stuck in the middle of nowhere can be a blessing in disguise, although I know at least two girls who would disagree.

- So I just don’t spend a lot of time dwelling on it feeling bad. I try to look at as being a blessing in disguise. Whether we look at it that way or not, it is a blessing in disguise for most us.

- In a way we’re looking at this crisis as almost a blessing in disguise. It’s forcing us to do something to get on financial stable footing.

- Symptoms are a blessing in disguise. They usually precede the onset of disease, alerting us to look for sources inciting our symptoms.

- The loss would turn out to be a blessing in disguise, but it didn't seem that way at the time.

- I think the accident was a blessing in disguise. I just think the good Lord let something happen to me to let me know something was going on.

- Be positive, this could be a blessing in disguise, use the time gained wisely.

- This perhaps, is a blessing in disguise.

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