Participial Phrases

Participial phrases merupakan frase yang terdiri dari past atau present participle dan objek (modifiers) dan mempunyai peran sebagai adjektiva (adjective) dalam kalimat.

Contoh participial phrases:
- Hidden by the trees, Jerry waited to scare Mark.
- Children introduced to music early develop strong intellectual skills.
- Racing around the corner, he slipped and fell.
- She noticed her cousin walking along the shoreline.

Seperti halnya participle, participial phrases juga mempunyai dua jenis frase yaitu present participle phrases dan past participle phrases.

Contoh present participle phrases:
- The woman singing now has a good voice.
- The boy running down the street is John.
- Feeling better, the patient ate some soup.
- A woman smiling at me is my teacher.

Contoh past participle phrases:
- Anne, bothered by the mess, cleaned it up.- Annoyed by its heavy breathing, I told it to get lost.
- He showed us the book opened at the first page.
- The candles lighted in the living room looked very cheery.

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