Adjective of Quantity

Adjective of quantity adalah kata sifat yang menunjukkan jumlah atau banyaknya benda, misalnya: some, no, few, much, enough, whole, little, any, all, sufficient, etc. Termasuk juga bilangan: one, two, three, dan seterusnya.

Contoh adjective of quantity dalam kalimat:
- I need some apples for this recipe.
- There’s no bread left.
- Here are a few more ideas to consider.
- I don’t have much money with me.
- There aren’t enough chairs for everyone.
- We ate the whole cake in about ten minutes.
- A cake decorated with little flowers.
- They didn’t invite any of us.
- He had worked all his life in the mine.
- We need sufficient time to deal with the problem.
- It’s like one enormous street carnival here.
- He received two messages.

Adjective of quantity juga biasa disebut dengan istilah quantifying determiners.

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